Why Coupons?

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We talked recently about using online coupons to spur consumer action. Now, let’s take a look at a company which is using coupons strategically and successfully.

I talked with Jim Deitzel (@rubbermaid) and Lauren Spahr (@rubbermaidtwo) about how Rubbermaid’s organizational products line is using coupons.

Social Nets vs. Email

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A new Nielsen study shows that social networks have overtaken email as the most popular online activity. Says a story in Adweek,

Active reach in what Nielsen defines as “member communities” now exceeds e-mail participation by 67 percent to 65 percent. What’s more, the reach of social networking and blogging venues is growing at twice the rate of other large drivers of Internet use such as portals, e-mail and search.

Pithy Pitches

March 6, 2009 on 1:20 pm | In Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Journalism, Media, Media Relations, News, PR, Public Relations | 3 Comments

Your painstakingly crafted email pitch is completely customized and ready to send to the in box of that carefully targeted reporter. There it goes! Did you hear that? That was your email pitch being deleted.

Here’s why: You didn’t spend more time on the subject line than you did on the email body. Ragan has a feature entitled Email subject lines in eight words or less that provides some good examples of subject lines that worked. One of my favorites was,

Links – 2/17/2009

February 17, 2009 on 4:57 pm | In Advertising, Brainstorming, Content Marketing, Customer Retention, Email Marketing, Journalism, Marketing, Media Relations, PR, Reputation Management | No Comments

Here are a few links that might be of interest to you:


Old Fashioned Marketing

February 3, 2009 on 8:05 am | In Advertising, Blogs, Branding, Email Marketing, Marketing | 7 Comments

Every year we start seeing all the articles about what the new year will hold. Everything from politics to marketing is dissected and forecast. I like to take advantage of trends as much as anyone but you can’t let the new blind you to the tried-and-true.

You may be considering adding podcasts, blogs, local search and social media to your marketing matrix and that is fine, if you strategically think through how they fit with your business and your audiences.

2009: The Year Of Direct Marketing?

January 21, 2009 on 9:17 am | In Advertising, Customer Retention, Email Marketing, Marketing | 2 Comments

There has been a lot of talk about the death of direct marketing. I don’t buy it. Here’s why: Every time the economy softens, marketers are pressured by higher ups to utilize tactics that can be quantified. Direct marketing is on the list in all tough years. Is it on your list this year?

All About Email

December 18, 2008 on 11:09 am | In Charity, Customer Retention, Email Marketing | 1 Comment

I’m a big believer in email for customer retention, so I’ve been reading a lot about it recently. Thought I’d share some links for you. If you are interested, My Creative Team produces a monthly enewsletter. Here’s our latest.

Your 2009 To-Do List

Start Planning For 2009 Now

Email Is The Most Popular Online Activity

Email Fundraising Success Story

How To Sync Email With Customer Lifecycles


A Question Of Trust

December 10, 2008 on 9:18 am | In Big Boy Marketing, Blogs, Consumer Behavior, Email Marketing, Marketing, Online, PR, Promotion, Public Relations | No Comments

Forrester Research has a new study indicating consumers don’t trust corporate blogs. In fact, only 16 percent of respondents say they trust corporate blogs. According to a story in Online Media Daily,

That makes them the lowest-rated source of reliable information among 18 categories Forrester asked about including Web portals, print newspapers, radio and personal blogs. “Email from people that you know” rated highest in trustworthiness, at 77%. So should companies simply give up on blogging? No, says Forrester. The lack of credibility stems from corporate blogs’ focus on self-promotion, pushing products and services at the expense of two-way communication with customers.

Socialize With Us

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let me say I appreciate the time you spend with us and your thoughtful comments on this blog. We are here to listen as well as speak to our peers and customers. You can subscribe to our blog via Feedburner.

Beyond this blog, My Creative Team is sociable in other ways. So, feel free to join our conversation through our other social media vehicles. Here’s how:

Dusty Archives – September 2008 Edition

September 26, 2008 on 12:27 pm | In Advertising, Brainstorming, Brand, Branding, Creative, Creativity, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing, Media, Media Relations, New Business, PR, Public Relations | No Comments

Dusty Archives - August 2008 Edition

Once again, it is time to sift through the dusty archives here at THINKing to pull out some gems you may not have seen the first time around. Let me know if there are some posts you particularly enjoyed and I’ll feature them in a future edition.

Shallow Brands

Creativity & You

It’s In The Cards

Activate Your Customers With Email

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