Show Up For Success

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Your minister of the church of marketing has some words for you to ponder today: if you want to succeed you must show up. Woody Allen has often been quoted – incorrectly – on this subject. What he really said was, “80 percent of success is showing up.”

#1 With A Bullet

January 19, 2010 on 5:09 pm | In Advertising, Email Marketing, Marketing, Social Media | No Comments

Old radio guys like me remember the phrase “#1 With A Bullet.” This was what you said about a hit record (wow, does anyone else remember records?) that was #1 on the chart and continuing to sell well.

Well, I want to know what marketing tactic is #1 with a bullet on your 2010 list.  eMarketer seems to think that email may be at the top of many marketers’ lists, followed by social media, search and advertising.

7 Ways To Kickstart Your 2010 Marketing

January 4, 2010 on 10:33 am | In Advertising, audience, Customer Retention, Email Marketing, Marketing, Referral Marketing, Social Media | No Comments

It’s 2010, now what? Have you completed your marketing planning or did you leave it to the last minute? No matter. We have 7 ideas of things you can do to kickstart your marketing.

Define Your Customers.  I had a client one time who told me that “all carbon-based lifeforms” were the targets of his advertising. Needless to say, I quickly disabused him of that notion. If you want to spend your money wisely, this is the#1 thing you can do right now for your marketing effort.

Marketing Spending Pays Off

November 9, 2009 on 10:22 am | In Advertising, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing, Media, Social Media | 1 Comment

Well, here’s a big surprise: small businesses which spend more during a downturn actually do better financially. Marketing professionals have been giving this advice to businesses of all sizes since the first recession. But too many business leaders make marketing their first, instead of their last, cut. It’s nice to have some empirical data to prove our assertion.

A Fresh Wind Is Blowing

August 4, 2009 on 2:26 pm | In Advertising, Customer Retention, Customer Service, dumbass marketer, Email Marketing, Marketing, My Creative Team, New Business, Stupid Marketing Tricks | 1 Comment

The business winds are changing direction, but there are some organizations that don’t get it and never will. The news media and big ad agencies are two industries doomed to be swept overboard if they don’t keep a weather eye out. Today, it’s about transparency and a new focus on customer service, doing what’s right for the customer. I’ve found if you do what’s right for the customer, you, too, will ride under full sail.

Old Media Drives New Media

June 25, 2009 on 9:02 am | In Advertising, Customer Retention, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Newspapers, Online, Pay-Per-Click, Print Media | No Comments

The average American’s Internet use has nearly doubled in the past two years, according to a MediaPost article. This means that the Internet now accounts for 1/3 of the average US consumer’s media day. So, how are you going to get those Americans to your website, hmmm? By the way, did I tell you that your website is one of about 186 million?

Connect With My Creative Team

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Links – 6/16/2009

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Here are a few items My Creative Team is reading.

Email Ranks High In North AmericaAccording to Epsilon’s Global Consumer Email Study, conducted by ROI Research, the survey of over 4000 consumers in 13 countries finds that Email remains a mainstay communication, showing that 87% of North American(and 74% of European respondents are more likely than their peers in APAC to use email as their primary online communications tool.

Links – 5/22/2009

May 22, 2009 on 9:21 am | In Advertising, Email Marketing, FaceBook, Journalism, Marketing, Newspapers | No Comments

Here are a few item we are reading today that you may also find of interest:

Consumers Like Newspapers Less Than They Do Airlines

In the first quarter of ’09, newspaper customers’ satisfaction rating was 63. To put this in some perspective, those surveyed expressed a greater deal of satisfaction with airlines (airlines!) which scored 64. And cell phone providers (cell phone providers?) which score a 69.

Links – 5/5/2009

May 5, 2009 on 6:50 am | In Advertising, Email Marketing | No Comments

Thought I’d point you to a few things I’m reading today:

Email Stories

Smart Email Optimizes Itself

Lyris Adds Twitter Functionality

Customizing Content For Every Subscriber

Media Stories

B2B Ad Revenues Shift From Print To Online

Coffee Advertising Smackdown Commences

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