Creativity 2010 – Week #44

October 31, 2010 on 5:20 pm | In Creative, Creativity, My Creative Team | 3 Comments

10 Fun Doodling Apps To Increase Your Creativity – Everybody needs a good doodle now and then.

The Decline In US Creativity – America was once one of the world’s most innovative societies. What happened?

Wordplay – Taking your writing seriously doesn’t mean giving up the fun of it.

Eyewire Creativity Cards – Each card in the deck contains a brief brainstorming exercise to help stimulate your creative muse.

Customer Surprise

October 29, 2010 on 12:34 pm | In Consumer Behavior, Customer Retention, Customer Service, Marketing | 4 Comments

When is the last time you had a customer surprise that was also pleasant? Mine was just today.

I’ve been looking for a black turtleneck to complete my Halloween costume. Unable to find one anywhere. Went to Belk, the recently rebranded Charlotte, NC-based department store, to see if they had one. Lo and behold, there it was.

Blogging Lesson #4 – Stay Focused

October 27, 2010 on 2:28 pm | In Blogs, My Creative Team, Writing | 2 Comments

stay focused

Today, we’re looking at the fourth lesson I have learned while blogging since 2005 – Stay Focused.

Remain On Topic – Stay laser focused on your topic. When readers visit your blog, you want them to have an idea of what they are going to find there.  So, don’t write one day on agriculture and the next on advertising – unless you can find some effective way to tie them together.

Creativity 2010 – Week #43

October 25, 2010 on 10:30 am | In Creative, Creativity, My Creative Team | 2 Comments

Here are this week’s creativity links. Get out there and exercise your little gray cells.

Magical Thinking – Can belief in lucky charms actually have an influence over one’s ability to, say, perform better on a test, think creatively or win an athletic competition?

6 Ways To Let Your Child’s Genius Out – Here are 6 ways to let your child’s genius out.

Hey, Do You Have A Real Person I Can Talk To?

October 21, 2010 on 3:50 pm | In Customer Service, Marketing | 3 Comments

More banking consumers, it seems, are comfortable with the Internet as a primary channel, unless they have a problem. Then, they want a person and they want one now. No surprise, there. MediaPost’s Research Brief reports that,

Blogging Lesson 3 – Content Is King

October 19, 2010 on 1:40 pm | In Blogs, content development, Content Marketing, Creativity, My Creative Team, Writing | 6 Comments

You can blog all day long, but unless your content is consistently great, your blog will become roadkill on the information highway. What must you do to have great content? I’m glad you asked.

First, you must be compelling. “Yeah, but Harry, how can I be compelling,” you ask.

THINKing’s Top 5

October 19, 2010 on 10:30 am | In Blogs, My Creative Team | 1 Comment

What are the top 5 most popular posts this year on THINKing? I’m glad you asked.

What was your favorite or least favorite post from us this year?


Creativity 2010 – Week #42

October 18, 2010 on 9:28 am | In Creative, Creativity, My Creative Team | 1 Comment

Can you believe it?  There are only 10 weeks left in 2010.  Well, here are the creativity links for week 42. Let’s get to it.

Unleashing Creative Development – Unleashing creative potential and innovation is the key to cultural and economic development. Values and education that empower people to recognize and pursue their own creative paths are vital.

Fortune 500 Friday – 10/15/2010

October 15, 2010 on 8:30 am | In Big Boy Marketing, Fortune 500 | 1 Comment

Some Fortune 500 company marketing highlights:

Fortune 500 2010 List – Here’s the current list of Fortune’s top companies.

Verizon To Sell iPad October 28 – Smart move by both Apple and Verizon to team up on the sale of the iPad, setting the stage for the rumored 2011 iPhone partnership between the two companies.

Blogging Lesson 2 – Strategy First

October 14, 2010 on 3:04 pm | In audience, Blogs, content development, Content Marketing, My Creative Team, Social Media | 11 Comments

A presentation I did recently for the Charlotte Chapter of IABC called 5 Lessons From the Blogosphere spawned this series. Today, we’re on to Lesson 2 – Strategy First.

Just as you would when planning any type of communications program, you need to answer a few questions before you leap head first into blogging.

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