Bad PR Call

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So, let’s say you take your Audi to the dealer for some repairs and leave it overnight. The next morning you get a call from the dealership telling you that your tires and rims have been stolen. And, oh by the way, the dealership is not liable and is not going to pay anything. To make matters worse, the customer is a single mom with triplets.

Links – 5/22/2009

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Here are a few item we are reading today that you may also find of interest:

Consumers Like Newspapers Less Than They Do Airlines

In the first quarter of ’09, newspaper customers’ satisfaction rating was 63. To put this in some perspective, those surveyed expressed a greater deal of satisfaction with airlines (airlines!) which scored 64. And cell phone providers (cell phone providers?) which score a 69.

The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same

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As the marketing world morphs daily under the influence of new technology, we elders in the business sit back and marvel at how things have changed. Just last night I was talking with Dave Ruggerio and Randy Seeds of Synergy Studios about the pace of technological advance.  We all reminisced about how we used to do things in our first jobs.

Get Social Fresh

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I’m part of a group which is presenting a social media conference, Social Fresh, in Charlotte, Monday, August 24 at the Holiday Inn Center City. Consider this your invitation to attend. You can register here. Here’s what we have announced so far:

Jumpstart Your Marketing

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Some of my top posts this quarter have been on things the marketer can do to jumpstart business. Let’s take a look:

Patience? No, Let’s Kill Something – There’s the old joke about the two buzzards sitting in a tree overlooking a highway. One responds to the other, “Be patient? I’m hungry. Let’s kill something.” Just like that buzzard, it is not in the nature of most marketers to be patient for business to grow. They want to go out and “kill something,” too.

This Pork Brand Extension Is Spot On

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 A brand extension that makes sense

Now, if you are not a race fan, you may not know Junior Johnson. He learned how to drive cars very fast while hauling family-produced moonshine and outrunning the authorities in his native North Carolina mountains. Johnson was never caught delivering moonshine. However, Johnson was arrested by federal tax agents while making moonshine and served time in jail.  He took his driving skills to NASCAR, where he became one of stock car racing’s early superstars in the 1950s. His outlaw status did not hurt his brand. It enhanced it.

V.I.P., Not

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Is it just me, or does anyone else get peeved when you go to Barnes and Noble and they want you to sign up as a member for $25 a year so you can get a few discounts? Basically, what Barnes and Noble is saying is give us $25 plus every bit of personal data known to man and then we will reward you. Plus, if you purchase the membership, you are in essence telling them, “I’m going to buy a lot of books from you.”

Links – 5/5/2009

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Thought I’d point you to a few things I’m reading today:

Email Stories

Smart Email Optimizes Itself

Lyris Adds Twitter Functionality

Customizing Content For Every Subscriber

Media Stories

B2B Ad Revenues Shift From Print To Online

Coffee Advertising Smackdown Commences


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