Shallow Brands

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In Maddie Grant’s blog, Diary of a Reluctant Blogger, today is a great quote (thanks Maddie):

“Once you start these conversations, you have to keep them going. You have to be clever. You have to be engaging. Not too many brands have, what I call, the “intestinal fortitude” to deliver on that very real conversation. Brands tend to be great at busting out of the gates – engaging sites and some content to pique the interests of the consumers, but creating content is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s the ripples that the conversations start, and not the splash-effect of a campaign,” Mitch Joel, Six Pixels of Separation.

Mammals 1, Dinosaurs 0

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Crowdsourcing applications, like Knewsroom, are going to kill the traditional media behemoths. Knewsroom is a news publication where readers help decide on content and they get paid to use the system. Here’s how Knewsroom describes itself:

The Knews” gets published every morning, featuring the previous day’s top stories in Politics, Business, Technology, Design, Sports, and Entertainment. What makes it in? The community decides. The best part? 20% of every dollar we generate in advertising gets split with the people who make the Knews happen: writers, readers, evangelists…anyone looking to turn extra brainwidth into extra cash.

Management: Stay Out Of My Kitchen & I’ll Stay Out Of Yours

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No business person in his right mind would ever try to be an engineer or a doctor. They know they have neither the training, expertise nor the experience necessary to do the job. And no matter what they say, men truly don’t believe they could survive an NFL game.

Links 5/28/2008

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My Creative Team Links
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From my browser to yours, here are a few links of interest:

Read Free Magazines Via iPhone

Be A Trend Follower

Does Your Website Socialize?

A Very Social Beer

Top 5 Best Office Pranks


Marketing Landscape In Flux

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A couple of recent items have me thinking about what is happening in the marketing landscape around us. We talked recently about the PR study done at Annenberg School of Communications concerning best practices and how the industry is not doing a good job of measuring its effectiveness.

On the heels of this study, we see items like this one from Ad Age about longtime advertisers pulling the plug on their big broadcast ad programs.

PR Needs To Grow Up

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Professor Jerry Swerling, who heads the Annenberg School for Communication Public Relations Studies program at the University of Southern California, sent me a note about their fifth study of PR best practices. There are some interesting findings in this research. The study identifies, for the first time, best practices in public relations and organizational communications that the USC Annenberg researchers believe apply to all organizations.

Communications Planning 101

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Developing a communications plan requires a disciplined approach. Your first order of business is reviewing your current program for impact and efficiency. Review your program by:

– Audience (employees, shareholders, in-channel audiences, consumers)

– Vehicle (personal visits, telephone calls, letters, invoices, e-mail, website, newsletters, advertising, POP, trade show)

– Subject Matter (corporate communications messages, marketing communications messages)

– Interval (daily, weekly, monthly)

– Existing programs (loyalty programs, CRM, advertising)

Links – 5/23/2008

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Take Your Dog To Work Day

Here are a few things I’ve been reading that you might want to peruse. Let’s start with a little humor. Take Your Dog To Work Day, which is mounted by client Pet Sitters International, is coming in June. So, go see some cute and funny dogs at work photos.

How To Be An A-List Blogger

9 Ways To Find People To Follow On Twitter

Twittering Tactically

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You see a lot of posts about how businesses are using Twitter but most of them talk about the strategic approach, not the tactical application. Let’s brainstorm. Below are a few to get us started, and here is a post from Todd Mintz on a wide variety of Twitter uses. Please wade into the conversation if you have ideas.

Serve You?

May 20, 2008 on 5:52 am | In Customer Retention, Customer Service, Marketing | 2 Comments

All businesses can learn some things from the Fortune 1000, or Big Boys, as I call them. Well, there are some things they are doing that we can avoid, too.

Customer service, which is a real a misnomer when it comes to some of the Big Boys, leads the way on things to avoid. The customer after all is your boss, no matter what size your business is. Who do you think provides your paycheck? Without the customer you would not eat. Puts a little different spin on it, hmm?

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